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Providing Real Solutions to Real Problems


CGAM coordinates a network of landmark research initiatives that are advancing the way customer and supplier firms cooperate on a global basis. The world’s first centre solely dedicated to research in global customer-supplier collaboration, CGAM is a dynamic laboratory where experienced visionaries from academia and industry collaborate to develop sustainable and robust customer-supplier interaction models.

What distinguishes CGAM is that we solve real problems, not abstract or theoretical ones. Rather than addressing isolated challenges, we develop frameworks to conquer interconnected networks of issues that have wide-ranging and long-term ramifications. As a result of CGAM research projects, companies across a multitude of industries have generated significant additional business and/or cost savings - and have transformed the way they do business.

CGAM is based at the Research Institute for International Management (FIM-HSG) in the School of Management at the University of St.Gallen and also has strong ties to St.Gallen’s Executive School (ES-HSG). CGAM is deeply rooted in an Institute culture that approaches international business challenges with passion and ingenuity. Although its roots are in St.Gallen, CGAM also hosts the world’s only action think tank on GAM – the GAM Forum – in cooperation with educational and industry partners in Europe, America and Asia. These global alliances help us to develop problem-solving frameworks that transcend geography.



Listen to our Corporate Partners share about their project experience with CGAM.






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